Qinbo Li

I am a research scientist at Meta. I am interested in Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, and more specifically, computational photography, 3D vision and view synthesis.

Before I joined Meta, I received my PhD from Texas A&M University, advised by Dr. Yoonsuck Choe.

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LTM: Lightweight Textured Mesh Reconstruction for Real-time Rendering in Unbounded Scene
Jaehoon Choi, Rajvi Shah, Qinbo Li, Yipeng Wang, Ayush Saraf, Changil Kim, Jia-Bin Huang, Dinesh Manocha, Suhib Alsisan, and Johannes Kopf
CVPR 2024
Project page / pdf

We present a practical method for reconstructing and optimizing textured meshes of large, unbounded real-world scenes that offer high visual and geometric fidelity.

Consistent View Synthesis with Pose-Guided Diffusion Models
Hung-Yu Tseng, Qinbo Li, Changil Kim, Suhib Alsisan, Jia-Bin Huang, Johannes Kopf
CVPR 2023
Project page / arXiv

We propose a pose-guided diffusion model to generate a consistent long-term video of novel views from a single image.

Synthesizing Light Field From a Single Image With Variable MPI and Two Network Fusion
Qinbo Li and Nima Kalantari
SIGGRAPH Asia, 2020
project page / pdf / video / code

Synthesize light fields from a single image on general scene. Introduced a light field dataset that includes indoor and outdoor scene.

Video Face Recognition with Audio-Visual Aggregation Network
Qinbo Li, Qing Wan, Sang-Heon Lee, Yoonsuck Choe
ICONIP 2021 (Oral Presentation)

We introduce an Audio-Visual Aggregation Network (AVAN) to aggregate multiple facial and voice information to improve face recognition performance.

Dynamical Analysis of Recurrent Neural Circuits in Articulated Limb Controllers for Tool Use
Han Wang, Qinbo Li, Jaewook Yoo, Yoonsuck Choe
IJCNN 2016

we investigate the dynamics of a simple recurrent neural network used in a nontrivial articulated limb control task in a tool use domain.

Emergence of Tool Use in an Articulated Limb Controlled by Evolved Neural Circuits
Qinbo Li, Jaewook Yoo, Yoonsuck Choe
IJCNN 2015

we investigate how the capability to use tools can spontaneously emerge in a simulated environment with Neuroevolution algorithm.


Construction and Use of Tools through Hierarchical Deep Reinforcement Learning
Qinbo Li and Yoonsuck Choe
IROS workshop 2021

Tool construction and use challenge: Tooling test rebooted
Yoonsuck Choe, Jaewook Yoo, and Qinbo Li
AAAI Workshop, 2015

Meta 2/7/2022 - Present
Research Scientist
Wyze Labs 1/4/2021 - 5/1/2021
Research Scientist Intern
Texas A&M University 9/1/2017 - 12/31/2020
Research Assistant
Teaching Assistant

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